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STIFORP pays commissions every Wednesday. You have the option to be paid by CHECK or through our International processor Payoneer MasterCard.
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The diagram below explains everything, what is 2x14 matrix, and the reason why everyone make money on Stiforp.


What Products Does Stiforp Offer?
  • Generic Marketing Tools like capture pages, and auto-responders.
  • Network Marketing Training from successful people that are in the industry… 6 and 7 figure earners! 
Stiforp Compensation Payplan:
1.The chance to earn $2,047.50 per month without ever enrolling a single person!
2.$25 fast start bonus per signup
3.50% Matching bonus on direct signups
4.Monthly residual commissions from 2x14 forced matrix
5.The chance to earn from a full 14 level matrix which gives you $8000 a month
6.Be included in our giant multiple hosted rotator
7.Direct referrals from rotator
8.Spill over from matrix and rotator
9.Spill under from matrix and rotator
10.Have your referral link placed in all future advertising and marketing giving you continued exposure.

Stiforp’s Marketing System:
Powerline Marketing System – Splash pages – tracking links – be able to export your tour takers and members – fear of loss – very effective.

How Much Is It To Join Our Team and Stiforp:
Take a tour, no costs. Then you want to secure your position right away or lose out on positioning.
Taking a free tour ONLY will hold your place in line for less than a week, then after the “cut-off” day, you will lose all the spill that was going to be under you.
So be smart, and upgrade right away so become a paid member right away.
Monthly Membership: In the first month $ 9.95 + $ 40 = $ 49.95. In the following months will be just $ 9.95 per month.
Yearly Membership: In the first year $ 99.95 + $ 50 = $149.95. In the following years will be just $ 99.95 a year.
(This option, automatically classifies the distributor with 3 stars)
Yearly Membership PLUS: In the first year $149.95+ $50=$199.95 In the following years will be just $ 149.95 a year.
(This option, automatically classifies the distributor with 3 stars PLUS
  • Load up to 5,000 contacts per month in your NEW StiforpResponder system for an entire year – a 240 value for FREE with your yearly PLUS membership
  • Receive DOUBLE FAST START BONUSES on all of your personally enrolled members who also join at the Yearly Plus Level and Coded Overrides available ONLY to 3 Star PLUS and above ranked members) 
The membership payment can be made by international credit card (VISA).

STIFORP pays commissions every Wednesday. You have the option to be paid by CHECK, Direct Deposit, or through our International processor iPayout.

What separates STIFORP  profits from EVERY other company in the industry?   
1. NO COMPETITION – With tools that EVERY Network Marketer MUST HAVE to stay competitive in the industry for just $9.95 per month, we are not competing with you current network marketing program. We are helping you BUILD IT!  
2. HUGE COMPENSATION PROGRAM – With EVER  Network Marketer in the industry soon being a member of STIFORP, our compensation plan allows you to earn up to $2,047.50 per month without ever enrolling a single person!  
3. 5 LEVELS OF FAST START- AND MATCHING BON US. This is unheard of and will attract the biggest builders in our industry! 6 figures will easily be made with this compensation.

If you are still not convinced then this is probably NOT something for you, or you already have ENOUGH MONEY!